Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camp Bookworm

             Summer time is here!!  I enjoy the relaxing days ahead!  What other job allows you priceless time to spend with your children.  We have beach trips, camps, pajama days, pool time, bike rides, and story time ahead of us.  I just love summer time!
             I look at summer time as a wonderful way to get a jump on learning.  I have seen students that I have looped up with slide so much over the summer.  This year, I was not willing to let my students slide backwards.  Instead, I am hoping to help them jump ahead.  I created Camp Bookworm.  I believe that parents want what is best for their children.  Life gets in the way and can be responsible at times for children not having a regular reading time.  I know as a parent, I need guidance from time to time.  I am hoping Camp Bookworm will guide parents into developing their bookworms at home.
            I had 14 students sign up to take part in our summer camp.  Students left on the last day of school with a camp bag.  The bag contained: a camp guide ( reading tips for parents), Our June book
( Froggy Goes to Hawaii), a June book selection pack ( Activities that correlate with our June book), a reading and thinking log, and 20 books borrowed from my class library.
             The students were allowed to select 20 books that were good fit books for them.  The exciting thing is we will have two camp meetings over the summer.  Students will return the borrowed books for a selection of 20 more books at our camp meetings.  Parents were thrilled with the resources.  I am really hoping this will provide parents with the information needed to motivate their reader this summer.  
              I have added both of the packets for you to download for FREE at my TPT store.  I hope they will help someone you know this summer.  I will post the July and August book selection packs throughout the summer.

Happy Summer!!

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