Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's School Time!!!

    Tomorrow is my first official day back at school!  I am filled with excitement!  This weekend, I could have been spotted at Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Ollie's, and many other locations as I gathered the goodies I needed to begin the year.  I have a new classroom this year. I was in an educational cottage or mobile unit last year.  I am now going to be located on the 4th and 5th grade hall.  Yes! I am still teaching first grade.  It will be nice to have older students so close by to help my little ones read.  I am really excited about having a hall filled with co workers. Together we will enjoy our adventure of  inspiring children.
   My theme this year is " Our Learning Jungle".  I am thankful for Randi Fleming at Teach it with Class for the incredible jungle unit.  I will take lots of pictures and share with you before our open house.  I will meet my new crew on Thursday night.  August 27th will be our first day of learning together.  
    My hope is that each of you will have a wonderful week of teaching and learning.  I will be in touch soon.
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Friday, August 10, 2012

The BEST workshop ever!

                  I have just returned from Winston Salem where I was a part of the ERG literacy Institute. The presenters were Debbie Miller, Stephanie Harvey and Chris Tovani. Debbie and Stephanie are two authors and teachers whom I admire. It was so incredible to be able to meet them. They shared so much information about Reading and Common core. I must say I am still going over all that I learned. The truly awesome part of the 3 day workshop was the time I was able to spend with Debbie and Stephanie individually thinking out loud about my classroom and school! 
              It is so exciting to see how for the first time in education's history our standards will truly match what reading instruction research says works. We are moving into a new era of education and I am thrilled to be a part of this change. Thinking is essential! We must create environments where learners are able to be curious! Students have to be constantly reading, writing, thinking and TALKING!
              Stephanie Harvey’s workshop was titled,” Passion and Wonder are Contagious!” This is so true! My goal is to model for my young learners how to be curious about the wonderful world we live in. 
              I learned from Debbie Miller to let the students be a part of the discovery and figure it out. Let them try first and then guide students with what they need after you discover what they can do! 
              I am sure you know by now how much I love books.   So I was tempted by tons of great books this week at the workshop. I couldn’t resist several. I will share a couple of my new purchases to add to my nightstand. 
 I am presently reading: 
Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller

The crazy thing is now that I have listened to Debbie Miller. I can hear her sweet voice, as I read this book about beliefs, aligning practice, and taking action.

I can't wait to read: Comprehension Going Forward Debbie Miller, Stephanie Harvey and Chris Tovani all have chapters in this book.  Many incredible reading instruction authors and researchers have chapters.

Of course, I had to get autographs!

I will leave you with one last thing to think about as you prepare for your learners. What are we asking kids to do?  Is it purposeful, authentic, meaningful and in real time?  Who is doing the reading writing and thinking in your classroom? This person is getting smarter.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Newbie Blog Hop

  I have joined my first blog hop!  I can't believe it but I have figured out all the technology on my own! Hooray!!  I am so excited to meet so many new bloggers.  You will want to check them out too!

1. What state are you in? I live in Goldsboro, North Carolina
2. Your current teaching position: I teach First Grade!
3. Your teaching experience:  This is my 15th year teaching. I have taught K through 3 grades.  My most experience is teaching first.  I love to teach reading.
4.When you started Blogging?  I started blogging in March 2012.  I have loved being apart of the blog world.
5. Share a blogging tip/blogging resource: My friend Randi at Teach it With Class always says, " Write like someone is always reading!" Sometimes you can feel like you are on an island all by yourself in blog land but someone is always discovering you!
Happy Blog Hopping!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Summer Full of READING!

            Last week, I met with my students that had participated in Camp Bookworm. Books were returned and praises were given for all the incredible reading completed.  Some of my students had accomplished more than the 25 book challenge.  They had read 50 books over the summer.  My heart smiled as I collected the many books borrowed and heard the warming stories of how books had been a rewarding part of their summer!  My last Camp Book Selection was Joe and Sparky, Superstars! By Jamie Michalak.

     This book has a turtle and giraffe as the main characters.  The characters work to find out Sparky, the turtle’s hidden talent.  In the end, they find indeed he does have a talent. His shadow is one of a kind and anybody can be a superstar! The book is a beginning chapter book illustrated beautifully by  Frank Remkiewicz.  This appears to be the second book about these great friends. 

       I have just finished a great book about Common Core.  Pathways to the Common Core really helped ease my fears with implementing theses new standards.   Calkins, Ehrenworth and Lehman did an amazing job explaining what the standards meant and how to increase teacher and student learning.  I really gained an understanding of the Common Core Reading Standards, Writing Standards and Speaking/Listening and Language Standards.  I am so excited to implement Common Core!  I am thankful that I have already started my journey with reader’s workshop.  Reader’s Workshop and Writer’s workshop will be great tools to help my student's learning accelerate!  What are your thoughts on Common Core?  Will you be implementing them for the first time this year? I would love to hear from you! 
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my thoughts! See you next time…..


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