Friday, August 10, 2012

The BEST workshop ever!

                  I have just returned from Winston Salem where I was a part of the ERG literacy Institute. The presenters were Debbie Miller, Stephanie Harvey and Chris Tovani. Debbie and Stephanie are two authors and teachers whom I admire. It was so incredible to be able to meet them. They shared so much information about Reading and Common core. I must say I am still going over all that I learned. The truly awesome part of the 3 day workshop was the time I was able to spend with Debbie and Stephanie individually thinking out loud about my classroom and school! 
              It is so exciting to see how for the first time in education's history our standards will truly match what reading instruction research says works. We are moving into a new era of education and I am thrilled to be a part of this change. Thinking is essential! We must create environments where learners are able to be curious! Students have to be constantly reading, writing, thinking and TALKING!
              Stephanie Harvey’s workshop was titled,” Passion and Wonder are Contagious!” This is so true! My goal is to model for my young learners how to be curious about the wonderful world we live in. 
              I learned from Debbie Miller to let the students be a part of the discovery and figure it out. Let them try first and then guide students with what they need after you discover what they can do! 
              I am sure you know by now how much I love books.   So I was tempted by tons of great books this week at the workshop. I couldn’t resist several. I will share a couple of my new purchases to add to my nightstand. 
 I am presently reading: 
Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller

The crazy thing is now that I have listened to Debbie Miller. I can hear her sweet voice, as I read this book about beliefs, aligning practice, and taking action.

I can't wait to read: Comprehension Going Forward Debbie Miller, Stephanie Harvey and Chris Tovani all have chapters in this book.  Many incredible reading instruction authors and researchers have chapters.

Of course, I had to get autographs!

I will leave you with one last thing to think about as you prepare for your learners. What are we asking kids to do?  Is it purposeful, authentic, meaningful and in real time?  Who is doing the reading writing and thinking in your classroom? This person is getting smarter.

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Tammy said...

It sounds like an amazing workshop. I love Debbie Miller and her philosophy. Teaching With Intention is a great book. Hopefully we get smarter every year. :)
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Sandi Purdell-Lewis said...

Teaching with Intention is one of my favourite teacher books. I would love to be able to go to a workshop with Debbie Miller.

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Mrs. Anderson said...

I was lucky enough to hear Debbie Miller speak a few years ago. She is awesome! I love her book called Reading With Meaning. My school also has the Comprehension Toolkit which Stephanie helped co-author. She is awesome, too!

Debbie Teise said...

Love your blog...I am a Newbie and your newest follower. I have always loved teaching Literacy. I have been teaching 30 years this September which truly seems hard to believe.
I jotted down your two book suggestions. I plan on checking them out as we begin a new school year.
When you have a chance perhaps you will hop on over to Teise's Tidbits. I am learning all of the time.
Debbie :)

iintegratetechnology said...

Nice workshop! Stop by my blog- I nominated your blog for some awards!

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