Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Must HAVE!!!

     I am having the best beginning of the school year. I have 23 energetic first graders. We have begun our Learning Safari together!

        I must share a package that I got in the mail this summer. Troy Decoff from Classroom Friendly Supplies sent me this incredible blue monster!

     It has no problem chomping pencils to the sharpest of points.  The amazing thing is the cheap pencils are sharper than ever.  Just take a look!

           I have been sharing this incredible pencil sharpener with everyone on my hall.  It is amazing that for once in my teaching career I have SHARP pencils that don't constantly break!!   It is definitely what ALL the teachers are talking about.  

       This pencil sharpener has made my life easy for the past 9 days.  Therefore, I must host a giveaway.  I am going to try out Rafflecopter for the first time.  Here goes...

     All you must do is Follow my Blog:

And visit Classroom Friendly Supplies

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Molly said...


I have been wanting one of these forever! I had a cheap pencil sharpener last year and it broke within the first week of school! I actually went the whole year without a sharpener! Not fun! And my students' fingers got sore from using their tiny little personal ones!! I've heard so much about these ones though and they sound amazing!!

Lessons with Laughter

Hilary Gard said...

I missed the contest, but I have one of these pencil sharpeners and I agree they are the best! I am a new follower!
Second Grade is Out of This World!

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