Saturday, December 8, 2012

Read About Santa....

      I promised 25 Christmas Reads! So here are 3 more of my family favorites! 
Children are so curious to learn more and more about Santa.  These three books are entertaining for children of all ages.

Santa’s Stuck By Rhonda Gowler Greene

          That’s right the stockings are stuffed and the toys are under the tree.  Santa is almost finished for the night.  He enjoys another yummy treat before heading up the chimney.  It appears Santa has been given many goodies this year.  A big problem occurs when Santa realizes he is STUCK!!!  This funny rhyming book will have the entire family laughing.
      How Santa Got His Job By Stephen Krensky
    Find out the jobs Santa had when he was young.  This delightful story is a great book to share with children.  The book reveals Santa’s special talents.  Learn what they are and how he found his dream job.

 How Santa Lost His Job By Stephen Krensky
        Santa has his dream job.  He loves bringing presents to children all around the world.  However, one of his elves thinks he has a better way to deliver these presents without wasting time.  Muckle, the elf, has created the Deliverator.  Read to find out about this invention.  What in the world will Santa do now without a job???

       This book is a great read aloud along with the movie Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.  Compare and Contrast the events in the book and movie.

Holiday Book Gifts for BOYS!!

     I recently discovered these two great books by Jon Klassen.  I have already bought them for my nephew.  These books rely on the reader to really think and investigate the pictures while reading.  Young readers will enjoy trying to figure out what is going to happen. Boys will love these books because of the use of critters like the snake and turtle and the poor little fish that has taken the hat.  Watch out they may not end so well for some of the characters in these books.  I found these books at my local Target!  It always makes me happy to find great literature for children at popular stores.  Check these two out soon!!

Thanks for checking out my latest Christmas READS!  Grab a book and read TODAY!!!!


Tammy said...

I've been seeing snippets of these Jon books lately. I really need to check them out. Thanks for all the recommendations. :)
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

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